Study at a public holiday

Study at a public holiday


The pizza in the L'Osteria
The pizza in the L’Osteria

Before i will start to study i wanted something to eat. I decided to look at Yelp where i should eat something. I found the restaurant L’Osteria. I have to say it was the biggest pizza i had in my whole live and it was really tasty.

If you will visit this restaurant too please also try the homemade Tiramisu.

After that i walked to the Austrian National Library where i wanted to study today. While i walked through the Heldenplatz i thought “Wow a lot of tourists but where are the students?”

I went into the library and BAM CLOSED! I thought NOOOO please where should i study today? i’m not able to learn at home and all other librarys in vienna are also closed ­čÖü

I drove home and as i said before i don’t learned much today ­čÖü

2 days until the exam …. :/

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