Berlin 12.Feb 2015 – 15.Feb 2015

Berlin 12.Feb 2015 – 15.Feb 2015

Der Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz
The TV-Tower at the Alexanderplatz

Very very early at 4:30am i stand up for my flight to Berlin. I wasn’t in a plane since years! I hadn’t the best feeling but it was ok. Some days before i booked a room with airbnb in Kreuzberg. It was my first experience in that way of traveling and
i could say that i would do this again, it was really nice 🙂

My flight started at 7:10am in the morning, and only 1 hour later we landed at the airport Berlin Tegel, this airport isn’t really modern especially if you start from the airport vienna.

After some troubles to find the flat where i will sleep the next 3 three days i arrived there 2 hours later.

Riesiges Nutella Glas in der Mall am Potsdamer Platz :)
Very big Nutella glas in the Mall at the  Potsdamer Platz 🙂

In the afternoon i wandered arround in Berlin with no goal, i visited the Brandenburger Tor, the TV-Tower at the Alexanderplatz und the Potsdamer Platz. In the evening i drank a beer with one guy from  the shared flat and went to bed very early.

Brandenburger Tor
Brandenburger Tor
Ich vorm Reichstag
Ich vorm Reichstag

Next day i visted the dome at the Reichstag.

The view was amazing! You should visit this dome too if you are in Berlin.

Nebenfluss der Spree vorm Hauptbahnhof Berlin
subsidiary stream of the  Spree in front of the central station Berlin

The photo above shows a subsidiary stream of the Spree in front of the central station (i think). It’s very nice there, i like it and in summer it would be very relaxing i think. After that i went for lunch and after that i was in the biggest Mall in Germany the KaDeWe (Mall of the west or in german Kaufhaus des Westens).
i found a really nice jean from my favorite brand Pepe Jeans! 😀
In the evening i was at Julias and Adams place, they had 2 guests from Chouchsurfing (Chris and Erin). We had a lot of fun and after some pre party drinks we go out to make party 😀
Next day i met Chris and Erin again to visit the Checkpoint Charlie!

Zur Verarschung des Bild Chefredakteurs als das Gerücht aufkam er habe als einer der ersten Menschen eine Penisvergößerung gehabt
With this picture they prank the managing editor of one of the biggest newspapers in Germany because there is a rumor that this guy is one of the guys where doctors did a penis extension.

We took the bus to drive in the near of the Checkpoint Charlie. Then we walked to the Checkpoint. We saw  this wall with this big penis and we had to take a picture 😀. At the Checkpoint I and Erin got a stamp in our passport.

After the Checkpoint Charlie we walked to a little part of the wall, where we visited a museum which was for free. It was nice but too much to read, it took us i think 2hours of reading. After the half i stopped reading and only watched the pictures. It was interesting but too much, i think you should not visit this museum if you are in Berlin, it makes you really really tired because of reading the whole time.

Selfie mit Chris und Erin von Golden-Colorado
Selfie withChris and Erin from Golden-Colorado

After that we went to the house of 100 beers and drank a beer. In the evening we met us in a pup which is opened from 2 american guys which brew their own beer in Berlin. After that I and Chris went to another drink in a pub and at 2 in the morning i said good bye and went home. Before i left the pub Chris said to me the i should do my Master degree in the US, maybe i will do that, maybe 🙂

Ausblick über Wien beim Landeanflug vom Flugzeug aus.
Ausblick über Wien beim Landeanflug vom Flugzeug aus.

Sunday was a lazy day i didn’t anythink, just wandering around because i wasn’t able to enter a museum with my luggage and they hadn’t the possibility to store it somewhere 🙁

At 19:35 the boarding at the airport started and i landed at 21:05 in Vienna, Christopher, a friend of mine, picked me up from the airport. Only 20 minutes after my landing 2 friends landed also in Vienna which came from Paris-France.

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